The Revolution Of The Fashion Industry: How Zara Rose To The Top

The fashion industry has dramatically changed over the past few decades. Unlike in the past, new designs are coming up every second of every day. The number of fashion designs in the world today are like the sand in the sea, simply countless and so are the number of fashion houses. Talent is at its best in the fashion industry – the reason why fashion has swept over every corner of the world.

When talking about fashion revolution, Zara appears in our minds. Zara is an exemplary fashion house that has achieved an incredible and unrivaled level of uniqueness in the market. Through a clear focus and vision, Zara has tapped the full potential of today’s fashion industry. Operating about 6,000 stores in over 88 countries in the world, Zara has been ranked as the world’s biggest fashion retailer. But how did Zara get itself there?

Zara did not have to launch a superior product to rise to the top. It just had to launch a superior process. And as we all know, process innovation is what is driving the global economy. This is what Zara did to become the leader among its equals. Zara’s three steps to success are: Make clothes that will be liked by everyone, sell as many clothes as possible and do it over and over again. Rather than hiring expensive designers based in Spain, Zara politely copies their designs. The company then relies on global networks of shoppers’ feedback to modify their designs. The comments are instantly sent to their manufacturers in North Africa and Europe who literally make the modifications in their next batch of clothes. Stocks change so quickly in Zara since there is always something new every time a new batch is delivered in their stores.

Zara does not believe in advertising. There is no ad budget at Zara. Instead, it spends millions of dollars in designing exemplary storefronts and establishing premium store experience for its clients. In fact, the company has a team of visual merchandisers who work on the display of products in their model stores.

One of the great philosophies that Zara holds on to is that ‘Fashion is global.’ That is why Zara expanded from one store in La Coruna to 88 countries in the world. The company endeavors to expand its business model by opening more and more stores across the world. With superior innovative ideas and business model, Zara will undoubtedly rule over the fashion world in the foreseeable future.

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